Don’t let the bullies win

I feel like all throughout my childhood (and I’m sure others have had the same experience), I was told to “ignore it” when someone was picking on me.  “Ignore the bullies.  They’ll get tired.  They’ll get bored.  They’ll stop.”

I feel like this was a bigger childhood lie than the Easter Bunny.

In my personal experience, the bullies didn’t stop.  They kept going, even more so when you remained quiet.  Today, I feel as though it’s even worse.  Not only are kids bullied in school, but now it occurs at home over the internet.  And not only kids are bullied, but it’s happening in colleges and in the workplace.  It’s happening among family members.  Hell, this years presidential election is built on bullying.  And as we get older, it’s not just comments of “nerd, geek, loser”.  In adulthood, it gets replaced by racial and homophobic slurs and mysogynistic comments.  It gets replaced by discriminatory comments about religions and hateful comments making fun of disabled individuals.  It’s gone from simple teasing to full blown hatred.

“Oh just block them…just ignore it…”

Really?  Is that really your answer to everything?  Back down?  Give up?  No.  The only way to get people to stop is to fight back.

Would the civil rights movement have occurred if minorities just “ignored” the racial slurs?  Would same-sex marriage be legal if couples simply “ignored” the hateful comments?  Would women have the rights they have today if we simply “ignored” the sexist comments?  We have a long way to go in all these categories, but we have also come so far, and it wasn’t from ignoring the hateful comments.  No.  It was from fighting back.

Next time your hear a racist, homophobic, sexist, offensive remark, don’t ignore it.  Stand up and defend the people that these terms hurt.  Tell people that no, these comments are not okay and their bullying will not be tolerated.

You know the quote “Well behaved women seldom make history”?  Well, I feel that it is pretty accurate right now.


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