Exercise is hard!

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I hate exercise.

“Hi, Sarah.”

No, seriously.  Ever since I can remember, I have hated sports and exercise.  Gym was a requirement for my schools ever since first grade, and when we started choosing what kind of gym classes we wanted in high school, I tried my best to select either “fitness walking” (which was honestly just walking around the track until gym class was over) or archery (exactly how it sounds…I LOVED taking this class).  My freshman year, we were all forced to take flag football first quarter, but I was able to get out of this due to having epilepsy.  Senior year, final quarter, it was senior softball…the sport which is the bane of my existence.  Ok, nothing really against the sport…my nieces and adorable little cousin play…I was just always horrible at it.  How did I get out of that one?  I dislocated my kneecap goofing off backstage of a play.

I’ve never been so grateful for such a painful injury.  Little did I know it would lead to 10 more years of pain and…4? 5? more dislocations in both knees.  But anyway…

So yeah.  Exercise.  I hate it.  I’ll walk, I’ll dance (when I can), I’ll even lift some weights, but don’t make me run, do lunges, or play sports.  Nope.  And another problem for me?  I have social anxiety, so going to a gym is not in the cards!  I force myself to socialize as much as I have to at the moment.

Here’s the thing though: exercise is actually good for you.  I know, right?  How can something so horrible be good for you?!  Well, unfortunately, it is, and I hate slightly understanding why.  Stronger heart, stronger lungs, better digestion, yadda yadda yadda…So what do I do if I hate exercise and the gym so much?   I workout at home.  I know, I know…motivation is the hardest part for that.  But would it be any different than motivating yourself to go out to a gym?  Honestly, I think it’s easier.  I can workout in my living room with just a sports bra and shorts and not feel self-conscious!


I also hate sweating!  Bleh!

There are tons of home gym websites, and they have different specialties.  At the moment, I’ve tried 2 and I love them both, so I’ll talk about them a little.

First: Daily Burn.  These exercises will kick your butt.  They have a good beginner program, and the trainer is a little corny but insanely friendly and motivational.  The only thing I didn’t like about their beginner program was the one routine that was all leg workouts.  As I mentioned, that dislocation in my knee led to more dislocations and now they’re really bad.  I’ll talk about that another time, all I’ll say now is that I have a very hard time doing lunges and certain other leg workouts.

They have other great programs as well, such as pilates, yoga, and hiit.  You can pick and choose different workouts, but it really emphasizes the use of following the programs.  Overall, I’d say it’s a 7 out of 10.  I enjoyed it, might go back someday, but I’ll keep looking around first.

The second website I tried is FitnessGlo, which I’m currently using still.  I honestly have to say I think I like this one a little more than Daily Burn, due to it’s flexibility.  And their beginner workouts are real beginner workouts.  If you do choose one of their programs, the beginner program starts with 10 minute workouts to ease people into the process.  Then they slowly pick up time and intensity.  I personally love this, because I truly feel that just throwing someone into an intense workout program after they haven’t exercised in a while is a horrible way to go.

What I also love is that they have some workouts that are specifically knee friendly.  They have routines designed around strengthening the legs, thighs, and around the knees that don’t include lunges or squats.  So if you’re like me and you struggle with knee injuries, these are great.

The downside to this website is that it seems to be somewhat geared towards women.  I know, you’re probably thinking that as a woman, I shouldn’t complain.  They do have a couple male trainers and men are able to use the video as well, but it just give that hint that it’s mostly aimed at women.  I’m still trying to convince my husband to give it a try, though!


Btw, the water bottle is from World Wildlife Foundation (I’m not sure if they still carry it) and the yoga mat is a Wii Fit yoga mat I bought at Toys R Us when my husband worked there.  Yup…I’m cool…

For both websites, the prices are pretty reasonable.  They’re about the same as most gyms, I think.  Daily Burn I believe is $10 and FitnessGlo I think is $12.  I suggest you take your time, test them out using the free trials, and see what works for you.  Any recommendations for other exercise websites?

I will also point out that on YouTube, you can probably find some great free workout videos, too.  I love  the channel “Yoga with Adriene”.  She knows what she’s doing, but she’s so laid back and definitely has a sense of humor.  I love fitness and health people that don’t take themselves to seriously.  Life is too short for that!

That being said, I want to leave this post of this note: Please remember that the goal is to get healthy.  If weight loss comes with it, cool.  If not, don’t stress!  Every body is perfect, whether it’s petite or plus.  Aim for healthy, and love your body for what it is!


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